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  Welcome to Savanna Springs A couple hundred acres lost in the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin.  We are Conserving & Preserving Wild Areas & Wild Things by Teaching youth to appreciate "Wildness" as part of a healthy land ethic.

  A large spring, the site of a Native Americans & French trading post in the 1740's, is now the home of lunker Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout.  On 1870's Plat Maps our farm was part of a nearly 1 mile native blank spot on the map because of wetlands Rockt terrain and no road access. 

   We purchased the farm in 1991 and coverted many of the crop lands back to prairie.  Since starting Savanna Springs Prairies in the late 90's we have done extensive Reclamation and Restoration of Wetlands, Prairies, & Savannas on our property & have been involved in planting nearly 10 square miles of Prairie locally.   

       Enjoy a PhotoTour of Savanna Springs. Check out our Wildflower Pictures Library of species from our farm. Learn more about us by checking out our Web Pages on Huntin' & Fishin' with Family & Friends,& Youth Hunts.

   Sporting Organizations include: Sugar River Valley Chapter 163 of Pheasants Forever, Argyle Rod & Gun Club, South Central Wisconsin Archers Wisconsin Trout Unlimited, NWTF &   Green Co. Conservation League   

   Environmental Education Organizations include: The Leopold Education Project, Wisconsin Environmental Education Board and Wisconsin Enviroennmtal Education Foundation, Aldo Leopold Foundation, Badger Southwest RC & D, Driftless Area Initiative,  the Prairie Enthusiasts, Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area, and Southwest Wisconsin Grasslands

    Numerous endangered and treatened or rare species have been found to be native or introduced to Savanna Springs including Three Birds Orchid, Giant Yellow Hysop, Glade Mallow, Wild Quinine, Marbleseed, Hill's Thistle, Tuberous Indian Plantain, Green's Milkweed, Showy Orchid, Prairie Turnip, Wild Petunia, Rough White Lettuce, Butternut, Prairie Phlox, Pale Pink Coneflower, Cream Gentians, and Red Tailed Prairie Leafhopper.  We think we have the State Record Red Oak and Silver Poplar as well as several of the largest Bur Oaks in Wisconsin, 

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