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Img25.pngProbably one of the  best ways to learn about the environment and wildlife is to become a part of the "wild" world as a predator hunting game.  Hunting is looked upon as a bad thing by many people who have never hunted.  With fragmentation of land, hunt able areas are more & more difficult to get access to.   Hunting is becoming a dying sport.  Education is the key.  Youth hunts are a way to give a child a taste of hunting under the right supervised conditions.   Learning about the land, learning to hunt as a team with your dog, blending in safe shooting skills, & respect for wildlife are just some of things that can be gained by a mentored hunt.

       Several local conservation organizations sponsor local youth shooting sports programs including youth hunts.  The Argyle Rod & Gun ClubSugar River Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever, the Green County Conservation Club, and DNR sponsor a "Learn to Hunt" Pheasant Youth Hunt the last Saturday before the opening of Pheasants Season at the Argyle Rod & Gun Club and Savanna Springs. 

      The individually mentored hunt is proceeded by 4 hours of classroom teaching including additional hunters safety, dog handling and hands on experience on the trap range.  Learn more about:
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         2004 Youth Hunt


The Pecatonica River Valley Turkey Trackers Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, together with the Sugar River Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever and the Argyle Rod and Gun club recently held a "Learn to Hunt" Turkey Youth Hunt with great success.

South Central Wisconsin Bow Hunters    hold one or two youth Bunny Hunts during January & February at Savanna Springs.  Fathers, sons & daughters hike through brush & snow to chase around rabbits with bow and arrow. The Bowhunter's have outdoor league as well in the summer with several 3D shoots open to the kids as well as a major youth tournament in mid March.  

The Bowhunter's also have a youth league held at the indoor archer center running from January through March on Saturdays for the younger kids and on Sunday night for the high schoolers.  An indoor tournament  in mid March is held and special Scout & 4H program are also put on.

          The Argyle Rod & Gun Club, & Sugar River Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever, are in the process of putting together a 4H shooting sports program which will be conducted after fair in the late summer and early fall.  This will include the 4 hour educational program for the "Learn to Hunt" Youth hunt.  This will allow more youth to get involved in the youth hunt.  Expanded Dog Handling, Sporting Clays, Black Powder, & other topics will be added.

          Hunters Safety Courses sponsored  by The Argyle Rod & Gun Club, are offered on Wednesday & Thursdays evening in March.  Multiple courses are also taught in Monroe during the late summer and early fall. 


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