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     Kris & I have been married for more than 35 years.  We met as Medical/Nursing Students at the old Milwaukee County General Hospital.  After a Radiology Residency at the UW we moved to Monroe to work at the Monroe Clinic and Hospital.  Along the way we have been blessed with two children, Matthew, who got his PhD in Polical Science from UWM, and Ana, who graduated from the UW this spring in Socialogy.  Matt added to our family by marrying Adrienne Roach five years ago.

I retired in 1999, but Kris remains as Parish Nurse Coordinator in Home Care. More than 20 years ago my wife and I purchased an old warn out farm in western Green County mainly as a place to go hunting and fishing but it has blossomed into a hobby farm with leanings toward prairie, Savanna Springs Prairies,  and a place to practice Youth Conservation Education through scouting and LEP, WEEB & WEEF

       A large spring, the site of a trading post between the French and the Indians in the 1740's, is now the home of  Savanna Springs Trout Farm where hundreds of lunker Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout are now found.   Numerous endangered and treatened or rare species have been found to be native or introduced to Savanna Springs including Three Birds Orchid, Giant Yellow Hysop, Glade Mallow, Wild Quinine, Marbleseed, Hill's Thistle, Tuberous Indian Plantain, Green's Milkweed, Showy Orchid, Prairie Turnip, Wild Petunia, Rough White Lettuce, Butternut, Prairie Phlox, Pale Pink Coneflower, Cream Gentians and Red Tailed Prairie Leafhopper.  We think we have the State Record Red Oak and Silver Poplar as well as several of the largest Bur Oaks in Wisconsin, 

       On 1870's Plat Maps our farm was part of a nearly 1 mile native blank spot on the map  After starting Savanna Springs Prairies in the late 90's we have done extensive reclamation and Restoration of Wetlands, Prairies, and Savannas on our property and have been involved in planting nearly 10 square miles of Prairie.

       Youth Conservation Education has taken center stage at Savanna Springs.  Through Boy & Girl Scouting Camporees, 4H Activities, Summer School Fishing Classes, School Field Trips, Outdoor Seminars, Youth Hunts, and other events and activities over 2000 youth have had a chance to experience nature first hand by catching a fish or hiking our woodland, savanna, wetland and prairie trails.  We plan on protecting our little "blank spot on the map" and passing it on to our kids and future generations.

For years I have been involved with Sugar River Valley  chapter of  Pheasants Forever as well as Argyle Rod and Gun Club, and South Central Wisconsin Archers.  In particular we have been working with the  Leopold Education Project.   In 2005 I was able to represent the LEP and PF by  joining  a group from the International Crane Foundation on a trip to eastern Russia's Muraviovka Park to teach  Russian Kids about "Leopold Land Ethics".  

I represent Pheasants Forever and other Conservation and Environmental Groups on the Wisconsin Environmental Education Foundation.  I am also  the Green Co member -at-large of the Badger Southwest Resource Conservation & Development,

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