Arrowhead/Blackhawk Boy & Venture Scouts "Search & Rescue" Event; Saturday, June 8, at Savanna Springs, 

~170 Boy & Venture Scouts camped on the hill Friday & Sat. nights

Dan Bestul gave plans for the day at opening ceremony Saturday AM

Sessions on the civil air patrol, EMT's, GPS & other sessions like a search for a lost stroke patient. It was me when I had  my stroke 6 years earlier.  They failed to find me in my hunting blind.  First a session with a trained police cadaver dog. 

This cadaver dog was from Madison PD and found 13 bodies so far, including one through 4' ice & another in a dump 

 Several blood tinged objects & cadaver parts were hidden & found.  I told  the handler that there was a history of a trading post in the 1730's & I   thought I had a Native American Village, Smelting area, as well as a possible Mound which we found after a controlled burn.

As we approached the area the dog got excited.  The handler said "There are dead bodies within 200'.  The mound was on the other side of the trail.  Once on the trail the dog took off in a run to the creek crossing & laid down & started to bark.  This is definitely close she said.  Where is your mound?  I pointed to the mound 60' away. 

The dog raced around the mound barking and laying down several time and went into the mound several time.  She said, "I will be back with the dogs and other historic experts, Can I use your land for training?  You definitely have a mound here! "

Troop 140 had a winter camp out

Five brave scout constructed an Igloo for the night, while the rest of the scouts constructed sleeping shelters made from Refrigerator Boxes and Duck Tape.  In the morning one scout who didn't heed his leader's warning to put on dry cloths developed hypothermia with rigors and required the rescue squad.  Who do you think spent the most comfortable evening?