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       Soon after 1700 an acorn germinated & the great oak to the left took root and now is one of the two oldest Red Oaks in Wisconsin.  In the 1740's the first "White Men" visited the valley & established a French "Trading Post" at the spring to the right. The French traded with the Native American Residents to obtain lead which was so pure that they sent back to France where it was used in paint for fine French pottery rather than for bullets. 

We believe we have found a native village complete with lead smelting site & 2 Burial Mounds. At a Boy Scout Camporee in June we had a Police Cadaver Dog from Madison as part of the program and the dog confirm the presence of a Native American burial mound

     In 1832 only 4 most SE 40's had been homesteaded along the stage coach trail that ran about 1/8 mile south of the tree.  The battle of "Bloody Lake"  a major battle in the "Black Hawk War", occurred, just 4 mi. down the Pecatonica River.  On early 1870's plat maps, a 1 mile rounded area was one of 2 unsettled native areas in section 32.  Our farm was in the middle of this 'blank spot on the map'.

     A old Windmill is 1/8 miles south of the old Oak Tree.  Here horses were kept & changed on the stage coach trail along the way to Argyle, Mineral Point and westward.  In 1878 a famous Lakota Sioux Chief, Sitting Bull, set his Teepee here, while Buffalo Bill and other white members of his 'Wild West Show", trained at his summer home in Monroe.  This was before the wild west troop shows at Madison Square Garden in New York and in England for the Queen.

     In the 1880's the blank spot eventually got settled and the barn to the right was built. In the early 1990's we purchase the farm and found very many native remnants of Savanna, Prairie, and Wetlands which totaled well over 50 acres.  We have nursed these areas back to health and converted back over 100 of crop land and grassland to Restored Prairie, Wetland & Savanna. Several Hundred Native species can be found on the hills and valleys of this driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin.

Savanna Springs Prairies

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